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The City of Accra understands the important role businesses play in the local economy and quality of life. The City offers an array of businesses to assist visitors,foreigners and residents have a fascinating holiday or stay.


mycityaccra.com is primarily useful for locating places in a particular place and time. We can tell you generally where a business is, give an exact location and directions.

its a resourceful website where you can look at reviews other people have given to businesses, and also give your own review.

Mycityaccra.com as the site with thorough local business listings and user reviews, listing the names of


*the best beaches to swim,

*places to shop

*where to stay

*how to spend the night

*beauty & spa


Our Vision:

Now, we’re taking the concept of being the trusted source for experiencing our city a step further by focusing on what we call “recommendations, not reviews.”help you discover the best in our city every week, both on the Web and our completely designed mobile app. We’re excited about our new direction, focusing on recommendations, not reviews, and hope you will be, too!


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